Posted by: PD | August 23, 2016

Past Ringing Recoveries

EDRG was established in 1996 and since then has had many recoveries of its ringed birds. Below are records of a number of birds from those early years including Willow Warbler, Reed Warbler, and Blackcap and include a record for a controlled Blackbird. Highlights are birds found again in Belgium, Sierra Leone and Morocco.

Willow Warbler ringed on 26 July 1998 and found dead in Sierra Leone on 12 February 2000.

Blackcap ringed on 7 November 1998 and found dead in Louth, Lincolnshire on the 24 December 1998

Blackcap ringed on 4 July 1999 and controlled in Heysham Harbour , Lancashire on the 27 July 1999.

Blackcap ringed on 11 July 1999 and found dying in Ouled Teima, Morocco on the 15 November 1999

Reed Warbler ringed on 9 July 2000 and controlled in Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium on 11 August 2000

Blackbird ringed in Heligoland, Germany on the 7 March 2009 and controlled by EDRG on the 22 December 2009.

For maps and more on the Blackcap recoveries please click on the following link.Blackcap Recoveries. For maps and more of the other birds please click on the following link. Ringing Recoveries and Recovery Data




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