Posted by: PD | February 20, 2017

Recent Recoveries February 2017

here have been a number of recent EDRG recoveries and controls. For Mute Swan recoveries visit the following link Mute Swan. Three further recoveries, one old, two new, include the following.

Lesser Redpoll V896267 

Ringed at Kilnsea, East Riding of Yorkshire by the Spurn B O on the 11 October 2008, this bird was controlled at Eshton Tarn, North Yorkshire, on the 21 April 2009. 155km/96 miles.


Goldfinch D692012 

Ringed at Thorpe Marsh, Doncaster by the Doncaster RG on the 1 January 2014, this bird was controlled at  Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire on the 28 December 2016. 65km/40 miles.


Pied Flycatcher L989042

Ringed at Barningham, Durham by The Northumbria RG on the 4 June 2011 as a pulli, this bird was controlled at Strid Wood, Bolton Abbey on the 19 May 2016. 50km/31 miles.



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