Posted by: PD | June 4, 2017

Little Egrets ‘visit’ Nosterfield NR from different parts of the UK

3 Little Egrets have been seen at Nosterfield NR and have come from different parts of the UK. It is fascinating to see birds arriving from such diverse directions. With one record still to come, making the total  rise to four four, the three records so far tell us that the birds were colour  ringed originally in Anglesey (Welltog Island in the Menai Straits in Anglesey – 203km : 126 miles), Nottinghamshire (Besthorpe Reserve where Little Egrets have been breeding since 2013 – 130km : 81 miles) and at a unnamed site in Cleveland (50km : 31 miles). More details to follow. For other EDRG Little Egret news, please click on the following link Colour-ringed Little Egret spotted at Nosterfield NR

Egrets to Nosterfield




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