Coot Ringing

Coot ringed in 2014 recently seen near Wakefield

A Coot, caught and ringed and with added Darvic ring CNR at Nosterfield NR in early 2014 and which has not been seen since has been seen at Anglers’ Country Park (near Wakefield) at the weekend!  It’s 66km south of Nosterfield. See the photographs below of when the bird was originally ringed and the recent picture taken at the Country Park.


Coot CNR.jpg

Coot GR36939


Ringed at Nosterfield Nature Reserve on 9 March 2014, GR36939 was found in nearby Bedale on 29 May 2016.

Coot Bedale.jpg

Coot Ringing at Nosterfield Quarry 2017

EDRG has had a very successful few days of colouring Coot at Nosterfield Quarry over the last few weeks. There were 25 new birds ringed with two retraps from previous ringing sessions. Below are some of the birds ringed. Please let us know if you see any around.

EDRG ringed Coot seen in Northumberland April 2016

Coot with BTO ring GF83281 and White Darvic DC7 is spotted in Northumberland.

Originally ringed at Nosterfield NR in January 2016 it was seen in the field at

Druridge Pools, Northumberland on 8 April, a distance of 117.5KM (about 73 miles)

as the crow (or Coot) flies!

Coot GF83281 with Darvic DC7

Coot DC7.jpg

East Dales Ringing Group, in conjunction with the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, has been colour-ringing Coot at Nosterfield Nature Reserve since 2014.  This year, the team took two cannon net catches in January and February – below are some photographs of previously ringed birds.

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