High Batts Nature Reserve

EDRG travel to the High Batts Nature Reserve site for ringing over the winter months. High Batts is located just beyond the village of North Stainley, near Ripon and opposite the Lightwater Valley Theme Park. Ringing takes place once a month with bird ringing demonstrations held regularly.

Below are some ringing totals and pictures of birds ringed in recent months.


Retrap totals for birds caught at HBNR in March 2019. Please click on the link.

High Batts Retraps March 2019

Perfect ringing conditions at HBNR in January meant an abundance of birds both new and retraps. The grand total was 197 birds processed. For all the information, please click on the following links.

High Batt Totals January 2019

High Batts Retraps January 2019

By the end of December 2018 EDRG had processed 658 birds at High Batts Nature Reserve, the highest total since 2012 when 767 birds were processed.

High Batts Totals December 2018

High Batts Retraps December 2018

EDRG – High Batts Totals Feb 2018

EDRG – High Batts Retraps Feb 2018 

EDRG – High Batts April 2017

EDRG – High Batts Totals March 2017

EDRG – High Batts Retraps March 2017

EDRG – H Batts Monthly Totals 2016





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