Merlins of the South-east Yorkshire Dales

26 General view of Barden Moor - any page

General view of Barden Moor

Merlins of the South-east Yorkshire Dales, published in 2005 after the study by Peter M Wright, a member of the EDRG group, was completed. The book is based on his two papers which were published in BTO Bird Study (Distribution, Site Occupancy and Breeding Success of the Merlin on Barden Moor and Fell, North Yorkshire. 1997) and BTO Ringing and Migration (Recruitment, Site Fidelity and Dispersal of Merlins from the South-east Yorkshire Dales. 2003). Please click on the following link to read the full text of the study.

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Merlins of the Southeast Dales


One of the female Merlin in the study and ringed as a pullus on 20 June 2002 was subsequently recovered as an aircraft casualty at Aeropuerto de Noain, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain on 19 August 2002 having taken 91 days to travel a distance of 1239km. It is of particular interest as few British-ringed Merlin are recovered outside of the UK.

Female merlin to pamplona


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