Nest Recording

The final totals for last year’s nest recording (2018) was our third highest total ever. It was also the largest number of cards submitted for Nuthatch, House Sparrow and Stock Dove (highlighted in red).

The 8,599 total does not include any cards before 1996, when EDRG was formed. Please click on the link below for all the details.

East Dales Nest Record Cards 1996-2018

Below are more pictures of nests and birds ringed by the group as nestlings over the last few years.


House Martin from the artificial cote, August 2016.


First Curlew chicks to be colour-ringed on the Wensleydale Moors – where will they go this winter?



Owls and Jackdaws ringed recently near Ripon. These two Tawny Owl chicks were some of three broods ringed already so far this year. The Jackdaw was one of four ringed from an owl nest box. Several other Jackdaw broods, found in cavities in the walls in locations near to Fountains Abbey, were also ringed.


To see a copy of all Nest Records from 1996-2015, please click on the link below.

Pied Fly pulli 2 Box 33 Hackfall 3 June 2010

Pied Flycatchers : Hackfall June 2010

Pied Flys Box 45 Westwood June 2010

Pied Flycatchers : Westwood June 2010

Swallow nest 6 eggs Yorbus Grange May 2010

Swallow eggs : Yorbus Grange May 2010

EDRG – Nest Record Cards 1996 – 2015


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