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Ringing Totals for Ripon Parks 2020

Below is a colourful table highlighting the maximum totals for all the species ringed at Ripon Parks this year. (Please click on the link). The key is on the second page, and note just how many species are highlighted in red (bold = species of particular interest or of conservation concern) and note especially that 2020 is also a record year for the overall site total!  The next best years were:

               2016 (year of the Redwing)          2710

               2019                                         2295

Apart from the warblers, thrushes and pipits, it’s interesting to see that we’ve ringed the most Great Tits and Chaffinch there ever.


For all details of Lesser Redpoll recoveries of 2020, please click on the following link Lesser Redpoll recoveries

Posted by: PD | November 11, 2020

Great Tit travels from York

Great Tit NF11227 was ringed as a nestling on 14 July 2020 at Clifton Moor, York and was controlled by EDRG at Ripon Parks on 18 October 2020. This was quite an intriguing recovery and bird, a male, as it was a very pale bird, with “washed out” plumage. The bird had travelled 35km (21 miles) in a NW direction over that time.

Clifton Moor

Posted by: PD | November 11, 2020

Blackbird ‘returns’ to the UK

A control that was not expected was that of a female Blackbird (LE98373) which was ringed at Ripon Parks by EDRG on 25 November 2018, as a juvenile, and subsequently controlled at Flamborough Head on 14 October 2020. We highly suspect that this bird migrated to Europe and then returned to the UK in 2020, if not before. We are sure that the ringers at Flamborough were perhaps hoping that this lady had come across from Norway and not from ‘just down the road’ being caught 94km (58 miles) East of its original ringing site.


Posted by: PD | November 11, 2020

Blackcap from Belgium

Finally, after having controlled this lovely male Blackcap and then waited for over a year for details, EDRG have established that the bird was originally ringed on 8 May 2019 at Lebbeke, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium before being controlled at Ripon Parks on 30 September 2019. This Blackcap had travelled 520km (323 miles) in a NW direction reaching Ripon 145 days after leaving Belgium. A long way north to travel for autumn?

Nathaniel map

Blackcap from Belgium

Posted by: PD | November 11, 2020

South West winds slow migration totals

The week ending 25 October saw lower totals of migratory birds being ringed, partly due to a SW wind direction for most of the week. 368 birds were ringed with key species of Redwing (162), Lesser Redpoll (115) and Blackbird (33). A few late Chiffchaff saw our site record broken for this species.

Posted by: PD | November 11, 2020

A busy week at Ripon Parks

The week ending 18 October was a busy week for the group at our Autumn site with 850 birds ringed with notable species including juvenile male and female Sparrowhawk, three Fieldfare a few late Chiffchaff, 40 Song Thrush and 45 Blackbird!

Our target species at Ripon Parks this year have been Redwing and Lesser Redpoll. As of 18 October the group had ringed over 500 Redwing and 649 Lesser Redpoll. Above is one of the many juvenile Redwing caught so far alongside a beautiful adult male Lesser Redpoll.

Posted by: PD | November 11, 2020

Migratory Thrushes on the move

There were better number of migratory thrushes on the move today (11 October 2020) with 85% of the 42 Redwing ringed being adult, which is a higher than usual proportion than we would expect at this time of year. Among the birds ringed today were the two stunning adult male and female Fieldfare above.

Lesser Redpoll only

Lesser Redpoll AAN6168 was ringed at Ripon Parks on the 19 September and within 10 days had flown a distance of 110km (68 miles) in a SSE direction to Bevercotes, Nottinghamshire where it was controlled. Click on the link to see other EDRG Lesser Redpoll recoveries Lesser Redpoll recoveries

Bevercotes Redpoll

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