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Recently seen Black Headed Gull from 2003


One of the Upper Barden BHG’s ringed in June 2003 has been recently spotted close by at Redcar Tarn, Keighley. For more details click on the following link Black Headed Gull Project

Posted by: PD | July 15, 2017

Avocet seen at favoured wintering grounds

Avocet chick Y-DV @ Quarry June 2016 _(5)

This little chap, colour ringed at Nosterfield on the 28 June 2016 was seen on the 22 June 2017 at Alkborough Flats, North Lincolnshire, a favoured wintering site for EDRG Avocets. A distance of 88km (55 miles).

dv to alkborough

Posted by: PD | July 15, 2017

Late Chiffchaff entry

Related image

EDRG has recently been sent a record of a Chiffchaff recovery from 2002! The chiffchaff in question was originally ringed as a juvenile on the 8 August 1999 at Staveley Nature Reserve, North Yorkshire and then found dead on the 15 June 2002 at Dos Hermanas, Seville, Spain!! A distance 1898km (1180 miles) What a late recovery!

chiffchaff to spain

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Three’s a crowd

Below are pictures of the first ever EDRG brood of three swiflets in a nest. What a record.

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Colour ringed Coot turns up near Wakefield.


One of the EDRG Coots colour ringed at Nosterfield NR in 2014 has turned up three years later at Angler’s Country Park near Wakefield. For further details please click on the following link. Coot Ringing


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Greylag Goose to Iceland

Image result for greylag goose image

Photo of a Greylag Goose but not AJC

Greylag Goose 5227289 with an Orange neck collar AJC was ringed as an adult male at Lingham Lake on 2 March 2003 (as part of an EDRG/WWT project to prove that some of the wintering Greylags in the Nosterfield area, were breeding in Iceland).

 He was resighted on the 15 March 2003, and then again on the 15 and 29 February 2004 at Carthorpe Mires, just north of Nosterfield Quarry, so possibly we thought a local bird.

However, in 2007, he was seen at Fljotsdalur, Iceland on 17 May, presumably on the breeding grounds.  No further sightings were had until….. just his neck collar was found on 15 May this year at Egilsstadir, Iceland (an area from where we’ve had other neck collar sightings) – so presumably AJC is no longer but has provided some useful information for us! In all, AJC had travelled a distance of 1418 km over 5188 days since ringing.

greylag to iceland



Posted by: PD | June 19, 2017

New Lesser Redpoll recovery


One of the Lesser Redpolls ringed at High Batts in 2016 has recently been recovered in Cumbria. For more details click on the following page Lesser Redpoll recoveries

3 Little Egrets have been seen at Nosterfield NR and have come from different parts of the UK. It is fascinating to see birds arriving from such diverse directions. With one record still to come, making the total  rise to four four, the three records so far tell us that the birds were colour  ringed originally in Anglesey (Welltog Island in the Menai Straits in Anglesey – 203km : 126 miles), Nottinghamshire (Besthorpe Reserve where Little Egrets have been breeding since 2013 – 130km : 81 miles) and at a unnamed site in Cleveland (50km : 31 miles). More details to follow. For other EDRG Little Egret news, please click on the following link Colour-ringed Little Egret spotted at Nosterfield NR

Egrets to Nosterfield



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High Batts Nature Reserve

For information about EDRG ringing at High Batts Nature Reserve, please click on the following link. High Batts Nature Reserve

Posted by: PD | May 27, 2017

Significant Goldcrest recovery

Of the 728 Goldcrest ringed so far by EDRG, Goldcrest CLJ133 ringed on the 22 October 2016 at Ripon Parks is only the second record of a recovery for the group. The first was back in 2008. CLJ133, a juvenile male, had travelled significantly further than the previous record being found in Hexham, Northumberland on the 12 May 2017, some 97km (60 miles) away. The question is whether the bird was on its way to breeding grounds in the Scottish Borders or travelling further afield to destinations in Scandinavia.

Image result for male goldcrest images

goldcrest to northumberland


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